Quality not quantity
Co & Oil staat voor kwaliteit. De klant een goede service aanbieden voor de beste kwaliteit is prioritair. Co & Oil ijvert dan ook naar het maken van olijfolie op ambachtelijke wijze, een delicatesse voor iedereen. De magische woorden ‘Proef’ en ‘Ontdek’ staan hier centraal.
Wat net zo uniek is aan onze producten is dat we werken met slechts 1 soort olijf, hierdoor is onze olie van superieure kwaliteit. Onze productie bestaat uit een beperkte oplage omdat wij als kleinschalig bedrijf niet aan massaproductie willen doen.


The co & oil story
The family Colle already have many years of experience in developing different kinds of olive oil and they do this in a traditional way.
It all started before the First World War when a couple members of the family emigrated to France more specifically Bordeaux and to Spain more specifically the Somontano region.
The two brothers that emigrated to France found their passion in creating wine. The other part of the family that went to the Somontano region has been passionate about producing olive oil since the 80’s.
The grandson shared the same passion as his ancestors. He insisted to cultivate his own herbs because this was very important for the unique taste of the olive oil. During his years of olive oil producer, he built up a strong network with foreign grocers which today results in the olive oil that you can taste right now.
Lorenzo Colle wanted to do something with the legacy of his ancestors and he started the company named Co & Oil in march 2015. From that moment, onwards, the company was selling olive oil straight to restaurants and other clients in Belgium.
Because of the booming business, Lorenzo needed a new business partner to handle the company. At that very moment his childhood friend Daan Rodts joined the Business.
Everything is made using the original recipes from 1904, even the harvest still happens in almost the same way as back in the days. All of this creates a special, unique taste in all their products.
It is definitely a conscious choice to keep working like this, the two young entrepreneurs believe that this is the only way that their product can taste different than the competitors.
Inspired by 5 generations and a century
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